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Poor Jenny: Another Embarrassing Moment

As a fan of an era gone by, there are a lot of embarrassing moments. Often times, we retro-lovers forget that not everyone is stuck in the middle of the 20th Century. We love clothes, music and celebrities that are sometimes considered “out-dated” and maybe even “old-fashioned” by today’s society.  Since I’ve come to love… Continue reading Poor Jenny: Another Embarrassing Moment

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My New Year’s Resolution

Once in fucken 4th grade, our teacher made us write a paper called "My New Year's Resolution" But before he made us write it, he explained to us what a New Year’s Resolution was. (I won’t do that here, because I’m assuming anyone reading this knows.) Mine was some dumb shit like I’d stop hugging… Continue reading My New Year’s Resolution

Today We Remember

Remembering Jerry Lee Lewis: My Favorite Photos

Hi folks and Welcome to yet another Memorial Blog Post here on Retro Dee's Guide To The Best Era Ever. 2022 was a year fraught with loss, especially losses in the music industry. As time goes on, our legendary heroes age and eventually die. In 2022 alone we lost the following stars: Ronnie Spector, Bobby… Continue reading Remembering Jerry Lee Lewis: My Favorite Photos

Collecting 1950s

Collecting 1950’s: A Very Retro Christmas

Hi folks. This post will tell you how to have a very retro Christmas. And according to the trends, it seems like that's what a lot of people want these days. Hmm, well. It seems that a lot of vintage resellers revolve their inventory around vintage Christmas stuff. And I don't mean only at Christmastime!… Continue reading Collecting 1950’s: A Very Retro Christmas