Life in the 1950's

Life in the 50’s: Summer in the 1950’s

Hi folks it's Retro Dee and Welcome to another edition of "Life in the 50's!" What was Summer like in the 1950's? Well, I wasn't there, but from what I've heard, it was fun, carefree and, of course, romantic. Like everything in those days, simple joys were appreciated. Just going for a swim or down… Continue reading Life in the 50’s: Summer in the 1950’s

Keeping the '50s Alive!

Keeping the 50’s Alive: Flamingos with Everything!

Hi folks, It's Retro Dee with another edition of "Keeping the 50's Alive"! If you know anything about the 1950's, you know that the folks back then liked flamingos. Or, at the very least, liked flamingo themes. These whimsical birds of the tropics were an popular theme that seemed to be popping up in their… Continue reading Keeping the 50’s Alive: Flamingos with Everything!

Keeping the '50s Alive!

Pinterest: A Retro Lover’s Secret Love Affair

Hi everyone! It's Retro Dee and in this post I'll reveal another secret about how I make the 1950's a retro part of my daily life! Pinterest is a FANTASTIC resource for vintage-retro lovers such as myself. There's seemingly no limit to the pins of all the great old ads from the 50's. There are… Continue reading Pinterest: A Retro Lover’s Secret Love Affair

Keeping the '50s Alive!, Music in the 50's

10 Great Retro Summer Songs!

Hi everyone, it's Retro Dee here to start your Summer off with a few great tunes from yesteryear. Summer doesn't officially start until June 21, but it's not too early to get your Summer Playlist ready with some great songs from The Malt Shop Era. The 1950's and early 1960's had some fab summer songs.… Continue reading 10 Great Retro Summer Songs!

Collecting 1950s, Fifties Fashion & Beauty

Collecting 1950’s: Makeup Compacts!

Hello, everyone and Welcome to Collecting 1950's where we'll be having a look at some of the wonderful items that you can collect from The Best Era Ever! In this post we'll have a look at one of my favorite items: compacts! When we talk about compacts for a lady, we're talking about makeup. There… Continue reading Collecting 1950’s: Makeup Compacts!

50's Study Hall

Fifties Study Hall: Famous Fifties Birthdays

Welcome to 50’s study hall.  In this section, I will be publishing a series of lists that will allow readers to use them as a reference for the given topic. Please feel free to message me if any of the info needs correcting, or if you have anything to add.  I hope this section will… Continue reading Fifties Study Hall: Famous Fifties Birthdays