Music in the 50's

It’s So Easy: Finding Info on the Oldies

I question myself writing this post, because on one hand, I think this tip is so incredibly obvious that maybe it's not worth mentioning... Then again, I think it's a pretty clever hack! So let's say you want to find something out about a song from yesteryear. (Yesteryear being the 1950's or 60's) You might… Continue reading It’s So Easy: Finding Info on the Oldies

Collecting 1950s

Collecting 1950s: An Intro

Since I've rekindled my love for the 1950's era, I've started to collect a few authentic '50s things here and there. My favorite things to collect are vintage jewelry from that era and ceramic figurines. I don't have much right now since most of my vintage jewelry is from the '60s (the era of charm… Continue reading Collecting 1950s: An Intro