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Update: Back to the Blog

Hi folks it’s Retro Dee and I’m happy to announce that my family and I are home (for now) after a 5-day evacuation from our home due to the California Wildfires. This is the second time in 2 years that we were evacuated from our house. The first time, we were in grave danger of… Continue reading Update: Back to the Blog

Updates & Announcements

Update: Some Questions Answered

Hello folks! Retro Dee with another update. I have a few things to cover in this update, so please bear with me. First, The Liebster Award. Since I got nominated, some of my friends and family have been asking me when the winner will be announced. I want to explain that with the Liebster award,… Continue reading Update: Some Questions Answered

Updates & Announcements

Update: Retro Dee joins Grooveyard Website!

Hey there guys and dolls! I have an exciting announcement to make. Retro Dee's Guide To The Best Era Ever will now have a blog spot on The Grooveyard Official Website at WCWPgrooveyard.com! I will be sharing some of my blogs each Wednesday on their site, so please check it out. And of course, be… Continue reading Update: Retro Dee joins Grooveyard Website!

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Retro Dee’s Guide to the Best Era Ever: First Anniversary!

Well, gee whiz! It's been one whole year since I've started my blog here on Word Press. I had no idea how many bloggers there are out there and how many people actually had an interest in what I have to say. Even more exciting is finding people who have a great passion for the… Continue reading Retro Dee’s Guide to the Best Era Ever: First Anniversary!