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Collecting 1950’s: Makeup Compacts!

Hello, everyone and Welcome to Collecting 1950's where we'll be having a look at some of the wonderful items that you can collect from The Best Era Ever! In this post we'll have a look at one of my favorite items: compacts! When we talk about compacts for a lady, we're talking about makeup. There… Continue reading Collecting 1950’s: Makeup Compacts!

Fifties Fashion & Beauty

Fifties Fashion Fix: Accessories of the 1950s!

As fashion savvy dames have known for decades, no outfit is complete without the proper accessories! For this edition of Fifties Fashion Fix, we will look at the commonly used accessories of that era. Before you get too super excited, there is a small caveat to this topic. At least, I see it that way.… Continue reading Fifties Fashion Fix: Accessories of the 1950s!