This Time It's Personal

The Night of The Crickets

Warning: Posts in this segment may contain language that is inappropriate and/or offensive to some readers. Hello readers, it's time for another story from the ridiculous life of Retro Dee... In the spirit of the Halloween season, I have the following tale to tell... The Night of The Crickets This is the story about the… Continue reading The Night of The Crickets

Keeping the '50s Alive!

Keeping the 50’s Alive: Stephen King Style

Did anybody notice (well, I'm sure you did) that several Stephen King books take place in the 1950's? I always thought this was ironic since the 50's were such a bright, happy time. But Mr. King, --the KING of Horror-- gave us a different view of The Best Era Ever. I began reading Stephen King… Continue reading Keeping the 50’s Alive: Stephen King Style