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It’s Holly’s Happy Hollyday Update!

Hey folks! We at Retro Dee's Guide to the Best Era Ever couldn't let the Holidays go by without some warm wishes and a festive Update from our favorite feline: Holly B.! Holly in a Christmas bag Holly's happy it's finally the HOLLY-days. It's been a tough year for most hewmins and on no uncertain… Continue reading It’s Holly’s Happy Hollyday Update!

Life in the 1950's

Life in the 50’s: Popular Names

Hi folks, it's Retro Dee with another post about Life in the 1950's! This post is about a favorite topic of mine: names! Popular Names of the 1950's Given names have always fascinated me. Why is it so important to follow the trends? Why not just pick a name because you like it? Of course,… Continue reading Life in the 50’s: Popular Names